Gogoro revs up Smartscooter expansion with $300 million in new funding

Get ready Gogoro fans—the firm’s innovative electric scooters could soon be coming to a city near you. The Smartscooter maker just nabbed $300 million in new funding with an impressive list of international backers. Four new high-profile partners joining their current investors include Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management, Singapore-based Temasek, Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation, and French energy giant ENGIE. A sign of growing global support in electric vehicles, this successful round…

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Supervolcano in Italy is “becoming more dangerous” as magma builds beneath the surface

Like the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park, experts have been fearing the eruption of the Campi Flegrei volcano near the Bay of Naples, in Italy. The eight-mile-wide circular formation, known as a caldera, last erupted in 1538. As the result of a new study published in Scientific Reports, experts now fear it could erupt very soon. Reportedly, the area has been “restless” since minor eruptions began in the 1950’s.

Researchers with the University of Aberdeen, the INGV Osservatorio…

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Could France-sized ocean garbage patch become 196th nation?

Trash is polluting our oceans, and now there’s a patch near Hawaii that is around the size of the entire country of France. The charity Plastic Oceans Foundation and publication LADbible want to recognize the garbage patch as a country, called Trash Isles, to not only raise awareness, but try to get the area cleaned up.

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America’s largest urban farm to be planted in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, once of the site of heavy industry, will soon be home to the biggest urban farm in the United States. Local residents will cultivate produce at the 23-acre Hilltop Urban Farm, and there will be a youth farm there as well. The city’s Southside, where the urban farm will be, is underserved by supermarkets or purveyors of fresh food, so Hilltop Urban Farm could help supply nutritious fare to those who otherwise wouldn’t have much access.

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Dozens of Japanese cities and towns quietly go off-grid

Dozens of cities and towns in Japan have quietly shifted from traditional utility-based grid power system to a more local, resilient model of generating and storing power where it is used. In the wake of the significant damage caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, many Japanese municipalities rebuilt to be more equipped for the 21st century. “At the time of the Great East Japan earthquake, we couldn’t secure power and had to go through incredible hardships,” said Yusuke Atsumi, a manager…

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Unique temporary shelter in Greece offers an elevated camping experience

This modern version of a temporary wooden shelter acts as a short-term residence for farmers and harvesters or a summer beach lodge. hiboux  ARCHITECTURE and Studio Genua designed the timber structure, named Tragata, as a place where people can relax and enjoy panoramic views of the natural surroundings.

The structure is located in Cephalonia, Greece, and functions as a transformable space raised from the ground. Its permanent timber frame structure and detachable panels are made from…

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