Bro Ole Scheeren completes art museum near Beijings Forbidden City

Büro Ole Scheeren recently completed Guardian Art Center, a contemporary art museum heralded as the “world’s first ever custom-built auction house.” Located close to Beijing’s historic Forbidden City, this hybrid cultural institution offers mixed-use programming from galleries and conservation facilities to a hotel, restaurants, events spaces, and even integrated public transport infrastructure.

Designed to respect Beijing’s traditional urban fabric, Guardian Art Center…

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Community-designed Filipino orphanage rises in the wake of typhoon disaster

In November 2013, super-typhoon Haiyan battered the central Philippines and destroyed over four million households—including the NGO Streetlight’s orphanage, office, and study center. A collaborative community effort led by Eriksson Furunes Architecture and Leandro V. Locsin Partners & Boase sprang to life to redesign and build post-disaster structures for Streetlight that were better equipped to weather storms. The design process helped the community heal in the aftermath of Haiyan and took…

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Green Mountain Power Returning $6 Million Dollars to Customers Through Federal Tax Changes

Reduction will Start in February Bill Cycle

In a filing on January 23, 2018, with the Vermont Public Utility Commission, Green Mountain Power is seeking to lower bills for customers by $6 million. The benefit comes from federal tax law changes that reduce GMP’s corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. This change will be retroactive and take effect January 1, 2018 at the start of GMP’s new rate year. The reduction will be applied starting in the February bill cycle and will be returned monthly throughout 2018 as a bill credit.

“After the federal tax plan passed, GMP pledged to return 100% of the tax benefit to customers, and today’s letter sets in motion our plan to reduce rates to provide those savings to our customers immediately,” said President and CEO Mary Powell. “Keeping energy costs low and stable is a key focus at GMP and this decrease will help offset increased cost pressures in other areas outside of our control such as regional transmission costs.”

This rate reduction will help offset the recent rate increase that took effect in January. GMP customers will continue to see the benefits of the new, lower tax rate for as long as these rates are in effect, because they will be reflected in future proposed energy rates. GMP is set to file its next rate case in April.

“I really appreciate the proactive leadership on the part of GMP to return our hard-earned tax dollars in the form of an energy cost mitigation strategy,” said Brenan Riehl, President of GW Plastics. “GMP has done a great job over the years working with GW Plastics to try and keep the cost of power in Vermont competitive and reliable. I’m glad GMP is being transparent about their cost structure and rates while working with us to reduce the impact of higher energy costs wherever possible.”

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Adventuring Naya becomes first wolf sighted in Belgium in a century

Naya, a female wolf originally from East Germany, has traveled across Europe to arrive in Belgium as the first wolf sighted in the country in at least a century. Farmers in Belgium’s Dutch-speaking Flanders region have been notified of Naya’s presence after she killed two sheep and injured one in the town of Meerhout. While it is unlikely that farmers are thrilled by Naya’s adventurous spirit, her arrival in Belgium is nonetheless an inspiring event for a continent that long ago hunted most of its…

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Peru passes legislation to let roads slice through remote Amazon area

Part of the Amazon rainforest – a region The Guardian described as the most remote and pristine one – could be under threat with a new law. Peru just passed a law that would let roads be constructed in this region, Purus, which is home to isolated indigenous groups.


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