March 30 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • In 2008, the island of Eigg became the world’s first community to launch an off-grid electric system powered by wind, water and solar. Today, Eigg continues to set an example of how societies could meet their energy needs without access to a national grid. Getting electricity without a grid is a challenge that affects nearly one-fifth of the world’s population. [BBC]
Cleadale church, Eigg (Credit: Alamy)

Cleadale church, Eigg (Credit: Alamy)

  • The rapid growth of solar arrays and wind farms is a win for the environment, but storing energy from them efficiently for the grid remains a challenge. EU scientists are turning to a cheap and plentiful natural resource for the answer: air, using surplus electricity to compress air, which is then stored in a cavern or abandoned mine. [New Atlas]
  • Vermont State regulators have approved a massive Windsor County solar array that will be four times the size of any such project built in Vermont so far. The Coolidge Solar project, to be built in Ludlow and Cavendish, will have a capacity of 20 MW. The largest existing array in Vermont is just under 5 MW, state officials said. [Valley News]
  • Energy companies could pay the US government higher royalties for oil, gas and other resources extracted from public land, under a review Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke authorized. The two-year review is designed to determine whether Americans are getting a fair return for those natural resources, he said in an interview. [Chicago Tribune]
  • As Trump was signing the order to roll back environmental protections, American Electric Power Company, based in Columbus, Ohio, focused foremost not on the boost for the coal industry but its “important transition to support a cleaner energy economy.” AEP was once one of the largest coal plant operators in the country. [Columbus Business First]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

from Green Energy Times


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