July 5 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Over the past several months, historic shareholder resolutions have pushed oil giants, including Exxon, to disclose climate-related risks. Food companies are next, experts say, whether they use or produce palm oil, corn, soy or beef, to name some with the biggest climate impacts. [InsideClimate News]
Cutting forests for palm oil plantations (Credit Dimas Ardian | Getty Images)

Cutting forests for palm oil plantations (Credit Dimas Ardian | Getty Images)

  • Volvo is phasing out cars that rely solely on combustion engines. Every new model launched from 2019 will have an electric motor, as the shift away from the technology dependent entirely on fossil fuels gathers pace. Volvo is owned by Chinese billionaire Li Shuf. [Bloomberg]
  • NTPC, India’s biggest power producer, plans to invest $10 billion in new coal-fired power stations over the next five years despite objections and the electricity regulator’s assessment that thermal plants now under construction will be able to meet demands until 2027. [The Hans India]
  • The European Commission has allocated €4 million to a project that will link the French and Irish electricity grids via an undersea cable. The Celtic Interconnector project, called an “obvious solution,” would have a 600-km-long undersea cable with a capacity of 700 MW. [EURACTIV]
  • A wind power project in California aims to capture the Central Coast’s wind. Trident Winds proposes to build a wind farm of 60 to 100 turbines off the coast, from Cayucos to north of Piedras Blancas. The project would have a capacity of 1000 MW. [The San Luis Obispo Tribune]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

from Green Energy Times http://www.greenenergytimes.org/2017/07/05/july-5-green-energy-news-5/


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